Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Flip by Martyn Bedford

Reading Level: Young Adult

Hardcover: 272 Pages

Publisher: Wendy Lamb Books

ISBN-13: 978-0-385-73990-0

My Rating: 5/5
One morning fourteen-year-old Alex wakes up to find himself in the wrong bedroom, in an unfamiliar house, in a different part of the country. six months have disappeared overnight. The family at the breakfast table are total strangers.
And when he looks in the mirror, another boy's face stares back. A boy named Flip. Alex may be trapped forever inside a body that belongs to someone else.

I absolutely, positively, loved 'Flip' by Martyn Bedford. It was so compelling that I had an exceedingly difficult time putting it down. I thought about it a lot. And I'm still thinking about it now that I've stopped reading it. It's such a powerful and emotional story. It's beautiful in so many ways-writing, story, characters. In one word, Fabulous!

'Flip' is about a boy named Alex...who turns out to be Flip. Alex is the "psyche" of one boy (himself) trapped inside the body of another boy, Flip-Philip Garamond. Alex has no idea what happened or how it happened. One day he was Alex, living with his family, an average kid. The next day, he wakes up as Flip, the polar opposite of his former self. Alex plays on the chess team, plays the Clarinet, has one friend named David and he's never kissed a girl let alone had a girlfriend. Flip, however, has hundreds of friends, he's on the cricket team, has two girlfriends, your typical high school jock. The story is all about Alex's struggles to maintain his new life as Flip while trying to figure out what happened, and how to fix it. One thing about books, is that people reactions to life altering events (such as Alex & Flip) never react the way I think. Like, when someone sees a talking animal there just like, "wow, that cat talked" but in 'Flip' their reactions to these events are realistic. Vomit inducing, stressful, real reactions. 'Flip' is an amazing story!

I think that everyone should absolutely, without a doubt, read Flip. It's incredible. I love Bedford's style and I sincerely hope to see a lot more from him in the future! If you have checked out 'Flip' already, I'm curious to hear what you think, so let me know! : ) I, for one, love it!!


  1. Sounds like an awesome premise! I love the stories where the reader is discovering what is going on right along with the main character. Thanks for the great review :)

    -kate the book buff

  2. I've had this in my review pile for a while now. I can't wait to read it! Although I think I like the new cover better than this one. The newer one, in my opinion, attracts more of YA audience.

    Great review!

  3. I love the graphic for your blog! Did you design it yourself?