Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Magician by Michael Scott

Reading Level: Young Adult

Paperback: 496 Pages

Publisher: Delcarote Books for Young Readers

ISBN: 978-0-385-73728-9

My Rating: 4/5
In the hands of Dr. John Dee and the Dark Elders, the book of Abraham the Mage could mean the destruction of the world as we know it. The most powerful book of all time, it holds the secret of eternal life-a secret more dangerous than any one man should ever possess. And Dee is two pages away from the knowledge that would bring the Dark Elders into ultimate power.
His only obstacle? Josh and Sophie Newman-who are eight thousand miles away.

After fleeing Ojai, Nicholas, Sophie, Josh, and Scatty emerge in Paris. The City of Light. Home to Nicholas Flamel. Only, this homecoming is anything but sweet.
Niccolo Machiavelli, immortal author and celebrated are collector, lives in Paris and is working for Dee. He's in hot pursuit, and time is running out for Nicholas and Perenelle. Every day they spend without the book, they age one year: their magic becomes weaker and their bodies more frail. For Flamel, the Prophecy is clearer and clearer. It's time for Sophie to learn the second elemental magic.
Fir Magic.
And there's only one man who can teach her: Flamel's old student the Comte de Saint-Germain-alchemist, magician, and rock star.
Josh and Sophie Newman are the world's only hope. If they don't turn on each other first.

When I first started reading 'The Magician' by Michael Scott, I was completely confused. I could barely remember anything from the first one. But, after reading for a little bit, I quickly caught on to what was going on and everything that lead up to it. 'The Magician' is written very well, just like I've come to expect from Scott. It picks up exactly where 'The Alchmyst' leaves off and there is something going on from beginning to end.

'The Magician' is the continuing story of Sophie and Josh Newman, alongside Nicholas, Perenelle, and some new and very memorable characters. At the end of 'The Alchemyst' Sophie, Josh, the Shadow, and Nicholas were escaping to Paris from Dr. John Dee. But, when in Paris, they face a new opponent, Niccolo Machiavelli. Sophie has been 'awakened' but Josh hasn't, so he struggles with that as does Sophie. They are constantly on the run from Niccolo, Nidhogg, Disir, Dr. Dee, Golems, animated statues, you name it, and they are being chased by it or fighting it!

The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel has been, and continues to be, one of my favorite series. I'm looking forward to reading 'The Sorceress' and then, the newest book in the series, 'The Warlock'. Scott has a very distinct writing style and his combination of fiction with non-fiction makes this series completely captivating and leaves you thinking about it for days!

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