Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oriana's Eyes by Celeste Simone

Reading Level: Young Adult

Paperback: 268 Pages

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN-10: 144018724X
ISBN-13: 978-1440187247

My Rating: 4/5
As a pure-blood Winglet, Oriana isn't supposed to look at a half-blood much less speak to one. Half-bloods are the lowest of all races at Odon's University, because they are half Winglet and half Finlet. But when the half-blood, Dorian, locks eyes with her in the hallway, Oriana can't help becoming intrigued by his daring nature.
After sneaking out to the garden in the middle of the night to talk to him, Oriana knows she can't let her feelings go. She fears not following Odon's rules, but the more she sees Dorian the more she wants to break them all.
As Oriana's idea of perfection beings to crumble she seeks a way out of the imprisoning University that threatens not only her happiness, but her very life.
Dorian promises he has a plan to take her far away, but Oriana doubts they can escape Odon's all-seeing eye. She isn't sure what she fears more, being stuck in the University or finding out what lies beyond.

I was immediately drawn to 'Oriana's Eyes' after being contacted by the author and reading the synopsis. I hadn't heard of it before but I'm glad to have had the chance to read it because I really liked it. Oriana's story, and everyone else in the world Simone has created, is sad and beautiful at the same time. There is so much raw emotion in 'Oriana's Eyes' and it leaves you thinking about it long after you finish reading.

'Oriana's Eyes' is the story of Oriana. She is a Winglet at the University under the reign of Odon. Odon is like....a godly figure in the story. He controls everything, sets all the rules, and he has a group of Odonians to carry out his demands. Oriana has always been different. She always thinks outside the box and has never fully fallen under the same spell as everyone else. The Winglets and Finlets look down on the Half-Bloods and Part-Bloods but she doesn't. She stands out and it's her willingness to embrace that which is different and the fact that she isn't necessarily afraid that makes her stick out to Dorian. But because Dorian is a half-blood, they can't be together.

'Oriana's Eyes' is the first book in the 'Great Oak Trilogy' and I honestly can't wait to read the rest. Although 'Oriana's Eyes' ended on a final note that it could be one conclusive book, there is still so much possibility for a further story. I can't wait to find out what happens with Dorian. Will the power get to his head and he'll become like Odon? Or will he always find that safety and strength in Oriana to keep him level headed and in control? I will definitely be on the lookout for book number 2.

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