Saturday, August 13, 2011

Strange Angels by Lili St. Crow

Reading Level: Young Adult

 Paperback: 304 Pages

Publisher: Razorbill

ISBN-10: 1595142517
ISBN-13: 978-1595142511

My Rating: 3/5
The Real World is a frightening place. Just ask sixteen-year-old Dru Anderson, a tough girl who has taken down her fair share of bad guys. She's armed, dangerous, and ready to kill first and ask questions later. So it's gonna take her a while to figure out who she can trust...
Dru Anderson has been "strange" for as long as she can remember, traveling from town to town with her father to hunt the things that go bump in the night. It's a weird life, but a good one-until it all explodes in an icy, broken-down Dakota town, when a hungry zombie bursts through her kitchen door. Alone, terrified, and trapped, Dru's going to need every inch of her wit and training to stay alive. The monsters have decided to hunt back-and this time, Dru's on their menu. Chances oh survival? Slim to none.

'Strange Angels' by Lili St. Crow was really slow for me. I didn't get into it right away and at times, it felt like it really dragged. I thought I'd check it out because I saw it advertised in the back of one of my 'Vampire Academy' books. So, I checked it out but I didn't think it was really a series for me. I love the show 'Supernatural' which is what this book sort of reminds me of. It's like a mix of 'Supernatural,' 'Twilight' and 'Vampire Academy.' The ending of 'Strange Angels' changed my opinion of the book though. I was contemplating giving this book a lower rating but I liked the ending. And it's because of it, that I'll be getting the next book in the series.

'Strange Angels' is the story of Dru Anderson. Her mother died when she was very young, and her father is a hunter of the supernatural. He goes after all things from Suckers to Zombies. Dru is used to moving so, when her father moves her from Florida to Dakota, it's no surprise. What is a surprise, is that her father doesn't come home one night. While Dru is at school, she meets a boy named Graves. Graves becomes her savior in many ways. And he is always a strong point for her. He gives up and does a lot for her. It's a good story but I felt that it was a little slow for me. The end of the book had a lot going on but for me, everything else was a little slow.

I really didn't think that the ending would have changed the way I felt about the book. While I liked the characters, I couldn't really connect with them. It was difficult. However, they were interesting and all have very distinct qualities that set them apart. There is good character development, and in the end you are left with questions. Now that I've finished reading 'Strange Angels' I want to know what happens next. How tough will Dru really be? What happens with Christophe? Will we learn more about Dru's mom? I have lots of questions. And it's because of that, that I will definitely be getting book 2, 'Betrayals.'

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