Monday, September 12, 2011

The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting

Reading Level: Young Adult

Hardcover: 336 Pages

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN-10: 0061779814

My Rating: 5/5
Violet strained to see into the lake below. Multihued light seemed to be radiating up from beneath the water, centered among the reeds, and then diffusing outward as it reached the surface. Violet had never seen anything like it, and she knew that the spectrum of light was defying its very nature behaving in that way.
It could only be one thing.
There was something dead down there.

I put off reading 'The Body Finder' for a while because I had a lot of other books that I wanted to read ahead of it. And I wasn't so sure about it. I heard a couple good reviews and a couple bad reviews. After reading what it was about, I decided to get it. It's not so often you find a book about a girl who can sense the dead. I was instantly happy with this book. I really loved it, and I should know by now that if I put off reading a book, 9 out of 10 times, it's amazing! I don't know why I do it but I'm glad I do. It means I'm almost certain to have an amazing book to read and 'The Body Finder' was no exception.

'The Body Finder' tells the story of an average high school girl named Violet Ambrose. She has had a best friend her whole life named Jay who is a main character in the story as well. Ever since Violet was old enough to remember, she has been able to hear, taste, and see people's "echos." Violet usually can't ignore some of these echoes so she comes up with a thing where she will bury them in her backyard in her own makeshift cemetery and the echoes become less noticeable. Violet stumbles upon the echoes and bodies from a serial killer in her area and soon becomes an essential part of the investigation that puts her life, and those she loves, in danger.

Overall, 'The Body Finder' was an amazing story. I absolutely love it and I will definitely be going out and getting the next book in the series when I am out on my next book buying binge! There are a lot of characteristics that make this book amazing. For one, the characters are awesome, believable and similar to people you would know in real life. Two, there is some major romance and jealousy and all that good stuff in here too. It's mystery, it's a romance, it's YA. Really, it's just incredible and I highly recommend it!

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