Friday, December 10, 2010

What I'm Reading

Alright, so I went to the library the other day and I picked up a couple of books that I've really wanted to read. And I picked up some ones I just heard about! So, my next book is
Beastly by Alex Flinn
I've wanted to read this book for a long time but I never got the opportunity to until now. I figured that it's a good time to read it and post a review since the movie is coming out on March 18, 2011!
I haven't started it yet because I just finished Copycat by Erica Spindler but I'll probably be starting it in the next couple days!

Happy Reading!!! : )


  1. Looks awesome! This is also on my TBR list :)

    Emma, girl loves books

  2. I have a long list of books to read! lol. I read a lot, but I seemed to have missed a lot of good books. I was late reading everything. I know people want to see reviews on new books but I figure, if I missed all these fabulous books, someone else must have too! : )