Friday, February 18, 2011

Follow Friday/Book Blogger Hop!!!

So, it's time for another follow Friday and Book Blogger Hop. Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Crazy for Books. And Follow My Book Blog Friday is hosted by Parajunkee!

Book Blogger Hop
This week's question is:
"What book(s) would you like to see turned into a movie?"
There are a ton of books I would love to see turned into a movie.1 I would really like to see is
 Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver
or Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead

If you are a fan of Science Fiction what is your favorite book? If you haven't read Science Fiction before...any inkling to? Anything catch your eye?

So, as it turns out, I'm not exactly a FAN of Sci-Fi although, I hold nothing against it. And I'd totally be willing to read some Sci-Fi type books. One book that I desperately want to read is Across the Universe. So, I definitely want to read at least one. And I'm sure there will be more! : )

Please comment and leave me a link to your FF. That way, maybe I can find out about some more Sci-Fi books to read! : )


  1. I mentioned Across The Universe in my answer, too lol. I really want to read that book!

  2. I really liked Across the Universe. I'm a new follower.

  3. Across the Universe is great! I hope you enjoy it!! :)

  4. Happy Hopping! I hear Across the Universe is great, i featured Beth on Wednesday in my first Debut Author Incites post, she's such an awesome person :)

    Stop by and see what today's answer is:

  5. Just stopping by to share some Friday blog love! The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is my fave Sci-fi book series. Don't forget to join in the current Read My Review which has a Love/Romance theme (see the link at the top of my blog). Hope you have a great weekend!
    Tasha @ A Trillian Books xxx

  6. I want to read Across the Universe soo bad too! I want my own copy, though, not one from the library so it's been hard resisting the temptation to request it from the library lol.

    Here's my FF here

  7. Hehe, it seems like I'm seeing Across the Universe everywhere on this one. Heard it is absolute-freaking-AH-MAZING, so I'm hoping to read it too soon. Share? :D

    And my last love was Ender's Game many, many years ago in a galaxy far, far away... lol.

  8. Hey there! New follower here. Super excited that I found your blog. I really need to get my hands on Across the Universe! lol Everyone loves it and recommends it.

  9. Hopping by. I am a new follower. I would love to see Before I Fall made into a movie. I didn't think of that one! Good choice.
    Come see what I would love to see made into a movie!

  10. Haha! The question was different when you first answered :P But Parajunkee corrected it.

    Have a great weeked!

  11. That's the way I feel about Sci-Fi. I'm not necessarily NOT a fan, but I've not really read anything that falls in that genre except maybe The Time Traveler's Wife and The Stepford Wives. Hmmmm...funny how my only Sci-Fi experiences involve WIVES!! Feel free to check out my Blogger Hop:

  12. Just hopping by...I've never been all that interested in sic-fi either. I'm stuck on Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy books right now. Maybe I'll give sic-fi a try though.

    Check out my blog when you have time - I'm a newbie and I love comments and suggestions. Embrace Your Oddities Happy reading!

  13. Hopping over from BooksYourKidsWillLove. I would love to see a Vampire Academy movie!

    I've read a bit of sci fi lately. I loved Inside Out and Outside In.

  14. I haven't read Before I Fall yet, but I have heard amazing things about it! It is on my TBR list.

    New follower!