Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sorry for my lack of posting....

So, I haven't been posting anything in a while and I figured that I should explain why. Because I feel terrible! I haven't posted anything in 2 days!
I just celebrated my birthday on February 6th and-because he is so amazing-my husband drove me up to Canada to celebrate with my family! He had to work and I am staying here for a week. I brought a couple of books with me to read but I haven't had an opportunity to read them because I've been so busy. I started reading one but quickly realized that I haven't read the book before it (I thought I had) so I can't read it. And all my books are at home...and I won't be there till Saturday. So, it is Thursday. I'll try to post a Follow my book Blog Friday and stuff so that I'm not posting anything irrelevant for the next couple of days. Thanks guys! And sorry again. I seem to keep having issues, BAH! lol.

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